So, here is what wild animals do when we are not watching. LOL


I have never thought that something like this would be possible to watch. I have never thought that people could be able to “stalk” the private life of wild animals. Recently these pictures have gone viral because everyone has been amazed by the idea of “stalking” wild animals in their own house. The following pictures were captured with trail cam. Here is what they are up too, when we are “not watching.”

“Thank you all for owing here tonight. It is a really pleasure to have you all for dinner. “


“Easter came earlier this year. What A lucky Squirrel I am! Happy, happy, happy!!”wild animals9

“Get ready for attack! In three, two, one…. : wild animals8

“Can I get some privacy in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere for God’s sake?? 


My beautiful picture

“We have to plan things through very well. We all should be prepared for everything, and we should not let anything get in the middle of our plans. Are we all clear?” 

wild animals6

“You know that I love you more than life itself right? I just don’t know what we can do. Our parents will never approve of our relationship!” 

wild animals5

“Dirty hooman. You thought that you were going to fool us? Well not me at least. Get the heck outta here!”wild animals4

“This stupid game is coming in my nerves. i just can’t take this anymore!”wild animal4

“Ohhh this tree is everything. I have never gotten a massage from a tree, at this level. So thankful for it!”

wild animals3

“Awwwwwwwww. Wait you guys, why are we yelling about? Does anyone have any idea?”

wild animals2]

“You have to give me a ride because you promised so a couple of days ago remember?? Well I do, so get going!”wild animals

“Just ignore him my love, all you need to know is that i will never stop thinking about you!”ignore him

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