She was living in a birdcage for a long time, but ne she enjoys her freedom


A monster put his cat in a birdcage for a very long time. She was left outside, and all she was provided with was some food and water. Since she was forced to live outside in a birdcage, this poor cat named Holly Peppermint was infested with fleas, and covered up so that she could be ignored by those that kept her. All she needed was a little bit of love, and freedom.


As soon as Furry Nation Salvation in Florida received a tip about a cat being kept in a birdcage, they didn’t hesitate to jump to the cat’s rescue. They were really shocked by the harsh  conditions the cat was living for a long time. What was even worse was her state.


Furry Nation Salvation reported that: “She was missing patches of fur due to scratching at the fleas, as well as suffering from both skin and bladder infections that required antibiotics.” The video below shows the harsh journey this cat had to walk through, and how she looks after the recovery.

At first the poor feline couldn’t walk because her muscles were damaged, but little by little she got in track. She was adopted by an old couple that are really devoted to their cat. They will provide all the love and care she needed for so long.


This couple have a 10-year old granddaughter that will play with the cat, and cuddle throughout the day. We are really happy to hear that the poor cat recovered from all the damages she had been through,  and she is ready to start a new life now. This new life will be filled with lots of love, cuddles, funny moments, cozy nights, and sweet dreams. Please share this inspiring story with everyone. Holly Peppermint has a brand new life to celebrate for!


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