She Was Born Different and THROWN AWAY. Now Watch Her Take Her First “Walk.”


This Chihuahua was abandoned in a cardbox in the middle of the street. Luckily someone cared enought ot pick her up and take her to the SPCA in San Francisco. The rescuers were able to understand that she was abandoned because she was different from the other dogs. The poor little pup was missing the front limbs, and that was no excuse for her to feel down. At the rescue they named her Daffodil, and they all loved the happy little pup. Since she was missing the front limbs they decided to provide her some brand new wheelchairs. This way the little pup was going to be able to live life like she deserved.
In the following video you will see the whole process how they measure her tiny body, to order the custom made wheelchair.  Once all the measurements are done, all they have to do is wait for the wheelchair to arrive. It only took two short weeks, and the wheelchair is finally ready. The rescuers put the wheelchair on Daffodil, and let her try her first ever normal walk. Of Course there will be scenes like the one when she falls on her face, but the rescuers are there to pick her up whenever she needs help. With just a little bit of practice, Daffodil will walk, and run just like every other normal dog.

But things keep on getting better and better for the poor pup who was abandoned. She gets adopted by a sweet lady that is determined to provide her a loving home, and a happy life. Nothing could reward the hard work of SPCA better than the adoption of Daffodil. They all now now that she has a loving mother, and a cozy home. Thank you SPCA for rescuing and saving animal lives. Please SHARE!

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