She’s Walking Her Dog When He Pulls Her To A Ditch. You Won’t Believe Why.


During their regular daily walk, a woman named Rebecca and her dog encountered something really unusual. As soon as they got out of the house, the woman was stopped by a police officer. He asked if she had seen a woman walking in a nightgown, and she answered no. The police asked her to speak if she saw a woman walking in a nightgown because she went missing. Never did Rebecca thought that she would be the person to find the mysterious woman in the nightgown. This dog was the hero who saved the day for this woman. Here is how the story goes:
They started their walk, and suddenly the dog started pulling towards a ditch. First Rebecca could not understand why was the dog doing what he was doing. He knew perfectly the walking routine, and walking through the ditch was not part of it. Since the dog kept insisting, she decided to take a look at the ditch. As soon as she stared, she saw a woman in a nightgown laid down at the end of the ditch. immediately she called the police, and told them everything what she saw. the police came immediately, and took the woman to the hospital.

At the end of the day Rebecca still could not believe what happened. she could not believe her eyes when the dog had pointed at the injured woman. What life is right? You never know what is ahead, but one thing is for sure, dogs do. They can sense from far away, and probably he sensed some blood or something related to that. Bottom line is that Rebecca’s dog was the one who saved the day, and that is really something amazing to witness. We hope everything is OK with the woman, and we would like to congratulate Rebecca’s dog for his contribution in this case.

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