She searched for her owner, but he didn’t want her back. Here is what happened


A dog was found wandering around the streets of Long Island, New York.  Apparently her owners abandoned her, and she wanted to find them. She sniffed for many days, just to be able to locate her home, but she couldn’t. One day she ended up at Brokeheaven Animal Shelter and they were able to locate her owner. He responded “You have the wrong number.” Even thought she searched for her owner for days, but he didn’t want her back.  The Lost dogs of Manhattan wrote this about the poor dog who was abandoned:

For days she searched, walking the streets, hoping to find the scent of the home that no longer wanted her. And for 14 years, she served them well, with her love and her loyalty- only to be abandoned…and then..denied.
She’s a dog that has touched the hearts of many- and as a volunteer writes, ”one look in her eyes, you can see all the love she has to give-” a sweet, calm laid back dog, whose owner no longer wanted her…and all we can ask….is why.
Gert is very good with other dogs, and she tested well with cats. She is also available through Brookhaven’s foster program where all medical, if needed, will be covered, and if you own other dogs, a meet and greet is required.
Sad, confused, and 14 years old, she waits for her savior. Please share her story widely- and let’s find Gert…her angel 

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Stories like this are really heartbreaking. I can only imagine how sad and lost Gert must be feeling. She had a loving home, and then all of the sudden she found herself alone, in the middle of nowhere. How messed up is that for Goodness sake? If you want to adopt a dog, or if you know someone who wants to adopt a dog, then don’t hesitate to share this sad post! Gert needs a home because she has got a lot of love to give.

Source: Thedodo

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