She Looks Into Her Dog’s Eyes, And What Follows Has Me In Tears


Dogs are part of the family and share the moments of joy and also of sadness.

The loss of a pet can be felt by everyone, regardless of age, genre or culture. Depression, loneliness, guilt, lack of appetite, lack of pleasure, feeling of emptiness are often experienced after the death of a beloved one.

Few studies compared this sentiment while mourning the human loss. Some researchers have reported feelings of equal or greater intensity than in the loss of a relative. This behavior can be considered common in homes where the companion was loved, respected and incorporated as part of the family. This feeling will also depend on factors such as addiction and the role that fellow accounted for the individual.

This video demonstrates the significance of a dog in the life of any person. You will need to take care of a dog as a human being: feeding, bathing, playing with it, giving medicines when needed and above all, giving a lot of love! But all this is worth it; you know why? The love of a dog is priceless! They are loyal who love you no matter how or who you are. Dogs are likely to come close to or sad people who are going through a sad time. This behavior shows that dogs have empathy and want to help when they realize that the person is not well.
The best way to deal with the feeling is to accept it. The longing, pain, and sadness are part of the grieving process necessary to reorganize life. Although their memory never goes away, sadness associated with it will lose intensity. In the meantime, some attitudes that mark a foreclosure can minimize pain and bring some support:

– Create a burial ceremony in the cemetery for animals or private property;

– Find out the needs of an animal shelter close to your home, gather friends and family for a donation in memory of your pet;

– Planting a flower or tree in memory of your dog;

– Organize a memorial book with pictures;

– And when you’re ready: take another mate.

Regardless of age or species, losing a friend is never easy.!

Regardless of age or species, losing a friend is never easy.!Always remember the journey is what it's all about.!! ❤️ SHARE & Tag with Friends and Spread ❤️ #like n share.. ❤️

Posted by Ashutosh Sahu on Friday, March 7, 2014

Before immediately purchase or adopt a new pet, it is good to reflect on the subject. Before replacing your pet, that died it is worth visiting protection NGOs, animal shelters of your city. These sites usually have many dogs and cats that need attention and looking for a new home. Maybe your new “pet love” is already waiting for you?

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