Rescued Puppy Gets The Life He Deserves


Pets are abandoned too often all over the world, in the United States alone, four million pets are abandoned yearly. A lot of these pets are abandoned because of illness or lack of space. Shelters receive a lot of animals annually, and some of these pets have to be put down due to extreme illness or lack of room for them.


The pet in the video was a special case; he was abandoned even when he wasn’t even old enough to be a pet. The newborn puppy had been abandoned on a street in Romania, and when he was taken to a shelter, he weighed only 160 grams.

The tiny dog was found on the sidewalk, and he was so small that he could fit perfectly in the palm of an adult human’s hand. He had to be cared for especially since he was almost blind. Since he did not get to be fed by his mother, they had to bottle feed him. Such orphaned newborns can be difficult to care for since they are very fragile. The puppies are blind, deaf and have no teeth and also cannot maintain their body temperature. The puppy loved to eat and sleep, so he slept for the most part of his first week when he taken in. By the third week, his eyes were opened, and he was growing at a steady rate and he had a favorite toy already, the white Siberian tiger.

When he began walking, he was introduced to the bigger dogs, and he already learned to play with his new friends. The shelter named him joy, and this is because of the joy he brings to others when they see him. Today, he is being loved and cared for by a new family who lived in the Netherlands and fell in love with joy after hearing about him. The family drove across the continent to get him adopted. Joy now gets to play with toys and be cared for by loving owners.

Now he’s a lot bigger than his initial 160 grams, and he’s happier than he ever thought he could be because he has an amazing and wonderful family and because they also brought his favorite Siberian white tiger toy from the shelter with them.

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