Rescued Golden Retriever Never Had Any Toys. Watch Her Choose Her Own Toy For The First Time


A lot of us have observed that our four-legged pets go crazy for their favorite toy, and it’s mostly a toy with a squeaky noise producer inside.

Have you ever thought about why dogs love their squeaky toys so much? Even though it is tempting to believe that the rascals simply enjoy irritating us with their never-ending squeaky noise, there are a few theories about why pets are attracted to squeaky toys. Since they are descendants of wolves, these toys remind them of their hunter instincts and gives them a feel of the wild. They also love to play with their toys as well.

This is the incredible story of Roo, who is a one-year-old golden retriever. This adorable dog is so excited today as she is finally getting a toy which she has never gotten in her short life. The golden retriever grew up in terrible condition and had no care and love. She was starved caged, and severely neglected by her owners. She never had anyone or anything to play with in her entire life until today. She was found in such terrible state, and she needed a lot of rehabilitation to help her get adopted by a lovely family. The poor creature finally got better and was adopted by a caring owner who was called Brian Beker.

Her owner knew what she had been through and tried so hard to make her comfortable. The first thing he decided to do was to take her shopping at the pet toy store so she could pick out a toy for herself. Roo entered the store and began going through the shelves for the best toy and her owner walked behind her holding her leash. He encouraged her to pick a toy. She went through the first set of toys and couldn’t pick out anyone from there. She moved to the next like an anxious child and still couldn’t find what she wanted. She stood in the middle of the store and thought about where to go next.

Soon she moved to another shelf and looked through the pile of stuffed animals, and she finally got a hold of her new favorite toy. She carried the stuffed animal in her mouth and signaled to her owner that she had found the one. Her excitement paid off as she gets to go home with a new toy to play with.

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