Puppy Takes Loving Bedtime To A Whole New Level. Can This Much Cuteness Be Possible?!


Well, you just cannot beat this little video for cuteness and being funny. A wrinkly bulldog puppy is already cute but this little guy appears to have corned the market on performance and energy. You really do not know if the dog is playing, getting up from a nap, or planning to take a nap.

No one knows what animals really think. Everyone that owns a pet knows that their pet does some crazy and very amusing things just out of the blue. Maybe the animals are telling us to just enjoy the show and forget about figuring out why they do what they do.

Bulldog puppies are just naturally cute. The wrinkly little faces and the head that is just a bit too big for the rest of the body are endearing. No bulldog owner can resist pushing the dogs head forward to make the dog’s face more wrinkled and funnier.

This little guy seems to have boundless energy. He rips around the bed, tumbles off of the bed, gnaws the bed, and tries to hide his head in the corner of the bed. He looks like he knows he is being filmed and is determined to put on a great show and he surely does that.


You have to share this one with everyone you know and all of your social media friends. It would be a crime to keep this hilarious little dog from becoming a sensation. The dog is just too lovable for words.

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