Puppy Found Buried Alive In 6 Inches Of Dirt Finally Feels Love


Tucker was just a normal puppy. An unknown owner decided that they did not want Tucker. The person buried the seven-day-old dog. The execution was foiled by alert policemen from Williston, Florida who heard pitiful little yips coming from a newly dug mound of dirt.


The story invokes an analogy to Lazarus rising from the dead. The little dog was surely doomed but that fate was prevented by people who care. The photos show that human intervention can save abused animals even buried ones.

The police investigated and much to their surprise found an adorable black and white puppy buried under six inches of rock and road dirt. The road was in a secluded area where the newly born dog had been left to die from starvation and possible suffocation.


The police immediately took the little dog to a local vet who tends to abandoned and abused animals. The dog was so young that he had not completely opened his eyes. The vet and his staff took care of the dog, restored him to health, and he is now awaiting adoption. His rescuers visit frequently.

Tucker’s story is one of the most atrocious and cruel instances of animal cruelty and abandonment ever seen. Once you see the photos of Tucker just after he was pulled from the dirt and the pictures of a happy and healthy Tucker you will just have to share this story with all of your friends and social media pals that love animals.


Although you never see the policemen that rescued Tucker from certain death, the photos are a very heart warming salute to people that protect animals as well as people. Saving a life is a special privilege and these policemen deserve to be honored for their concern and kindness.

The photos show an almost miraculous rescue. The mound of dirt is fifteen times bigger than the puppy. The rescue is a tribute to how alert police can be to what most people do not notice.


You need to share little Tucker’s story so that who ever the dastardly and inhumane individual that had the lack of humanity to bury a puppy was can be caught and prosecuted. The policemen that rescued Tucker are already searching for the culprit and any help that you can give them will be a definite warning against any new puppy burials.


Tucker now knows the love that he should have received from the moment he was born.

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