Starved Pit Bull Pup Brutally Hit In The Head With A Hatchet, Finds Love


If a person took an ax to a baby the entire world would be up in arms trying to find this violent criminal. All too often, animals suffer the same outrage and only a few people show any interest in righting the wrong or caring for the injured animal. Sally, a Pit Bull puppy, is one of the few that survived horrendous abuse because some people cared enough to go out of their way to help the little dog.

Sally was attacked with a hatchet. Starved and bleeding to death the dog made it to the porch of a caring Pennsylvania family before she collapsed. The family took the dog to the Lehigh County Humane Society.

Expert veterinary surgeons at the facility immediately began working on Sally to preserve her health. The surgeons were doubtful that Sally would ever be “normal” again because the hatchet blow had penetrated deep into her brain.


Love, kindness, and constant attention helped Sally recover completely from injuries that would have certainly meant death except that one person cared enough to help Sally. While still in recovery, Sally is expected to return to being a normal dog with complete mental and physical faculties. The family that rescued Sally plans to adopt the dog as soon as she is fully recovered.


The family led a campaign to raise money to help pay for Sally’s medical care and recovery. They have received over $3,000 from people that heard Sally’s story and were touched by the ordeal that the dog underwent as well as the desire to keep on going regardless of what life throws at you that the dog exemplifies. The family is also involved in finding the previous owner and the person that assaulted Sally.

You need to share this video with people so that the funds needed for Sally to completely recover can be obtained and the people that hurt a puppy in this vicious and cruel manner are brought to justice.


Despite a scar that extends across her head, Sally looks like she is just a normal puppy now. The video is a virtual depiction of the resilience of animals to the worst abuse and a powerful reminder that many people that have animals abuse their pets terribly. You need to watch the video and share it to see a real example of courage and determination that few people have but a little Pit Bull puppy has in abundance.


Sally’s scars are pretty gruesome but the video and photos are safe for any age to view. Share the video with your children and teach them that animal abuse is just wrong and show them that animals like people have the courage, strength, and determination to be real heroes.

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