They Opened The Cock Pit Only To See The Pilot Cuddling A…Dachshund?!


Most dachshund owners know the dual character of the wiener dog. They can be bounding bundles of fun and then become quite proper for no apparent reason that people can figure out. The spokes dog fits the bill perfectly in the short little promo ad. He is cute yet superbly dignified.

The company plans for their spokes dog to be a frequent flyer on the majority of their routes and the little dog may become a superstar in time. One airline has become world famous for their pilot’s sense of humor as well as their stewardesses and steward’s jokes so the little dog may be the thing that the airline needs to beat their competition.

You have to imagine that one of the pilots is bound to put the plane on auto pilot and then place the dog in the pilot’s seat and open the door to the pilot’s cabin. Smart pilots would definitely clear the move with the company but you can imagine the laughter and probably the fright when passengers see that their pilot is a dog.

Share this one with everyone just for a laugh and because you love dogs. This tiny video is without a doubt one of the most original ads you will see this year.


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