This Pig Was Ready To Die After Giving Birth. But Just Before She Says Goodbye… OMG


In the animal world there are endless heartwarming stories. One recent one was the story of Emma the pig. Emma was soon-to-be a mom. She came to Apricot Lane Farms with an estimated six little piglets waiting their birth…or so her human attendee John Chester thought. There was one problem though. It was clear that Emma was not in the best of health. She was underweight and clearly ill. What would happen to this little pig and her new family was completely unknown.

On the night of delivery, Emma ended up giving life to not six piglets but seventeen piglets. Yes- that’s right- seventeen! Out of those seventeen, thirteen survived. Her human family was amazed at the turn of events but also worried about Emma. The birth of her offspring clearly took its toll on an already ailing momma pig.
As the night continued, Emma’s condition worsened. She stopped eating, had a fever of 108.3 and stopped producing milk. Mr. Chester had to remove the piglets and get human care for them. They were put on a strict schedule of food three, sometimes four, times a day. An entire team of people had to care for the baker’s dozen. The hope was that this would allow Emma time to rest and recuperate.

Unfortunately, immediate healing was not what happened. After giving her alone-time and caring for her with all medical assists, her health seemed to be declining even further. At minimum, they confirmed that it was definitely not improving. Mr. Chester, along with his wife Molly were stymied. How could they help this pig when all medical options were exhausted?

Mr. Chester decided that “a reason to live” was what Emma needed. Though it was risky, he proceeded to bring back her piglets. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Emma, upon being surrounded by her new brood stood up. She slowly made her way to her food and started eating. Day after day for the next two months, Emma got up to care for her piglets. She was an exemplary pig mommy the entire time and slowly her own health started to improve. By the end of that two month period, Emma had gained 200 pounds!

In the end, its feel-good stories like this one that give life lessons. As Mr. Chester summarized in retrospect, that he originally believed Emma needed human help to make it through. In the end though, he realized that it was a higher calling to be a mother that gave her the strength to keep going. He added that the lesson learned is that the thing that is most threatening to our existence sometimes is the very thing that we need to motivate us to stay alive.

So where is Emma the Pig now? She’s a voluptuous and healthy pig. Mother of 13 equally healthy smaller pigs who have expanded to their own lush pastures. No matter what, Emma the pig has it in her heart to care for the things around her. Watch the video and see for yourself how an amazing sickly pig can inspire us all to take life’s challenges and find out what we are really made of!

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