Photoshopped? They look like it, but actually they are real creatures!


The Mother Nature is just amazing isn’t it you guys? I mean we see all sort of things everyday. We see all kinds of creatures everyday, that we had no idea existed. In this post you will be able to see some of the weirdest creatures in the whole world. At first they do not seem real. Looks like they are made up, or like they have been photoshopped. I am telling you, they are not.

They are real creatures, they have a real name and they really exist in this world of ours. They might not look real because it doesn’t happen to us to see these creatures in our everyday life. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, or that they are not real because they are. They are more real that you can ever think. When I first saw them I got shocked really because they seem so unreal. They seem like they don’t belong to this world of ours.

When I first saw these “weird creatures” i thought that the imagination of some people has come alive. You know in movies, or book we see or read about such creatures. We read about dragoons, or mermaids, or different creatures that are alive just in our imagination. Well if you are in the same page with me here you will get really surprised by all the creatures Mother Nature has, because I would say there are a lot! Take a look at these five, and tell me what o you think? Are they weird or not? Are they real or are they photoshopped? I am telling you once and for all, they are real creatures!

1- Blue Parrot

blue parrot

2- Hawk Mothhummingbird

3- Mantis Shrimp

4- Seapigmister seapig

5- PACU fish

pacu fish

6- Panda Antpanda ant

7- Mothspoodle moth

8- Red-Lipped Batfishred lipped batfish

9- Saigasaiga

10- Thorny Dragon

Thorn dragon

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