Parrot Loves His New Toy So Much, He Can’t Stop Talking About It


What’s blue, has feathers, enjoys giving and getting kisses and has a stuffed bunny as a best friend? It is Marnie the parrot of course. Marnie is an adorable and very talkative Indian Ring-neck parrot who was given a stuffed bunny for his 5th birthday and according to his owner/mom, it was love at first sight.


Of course Marnie doesn’t realize Bunny is just a toy, and like most human children do, he loves to talk to and give kisses to his new friend. He asks Bunny, “What are you doing?” as he tells the cute little stuffed toy how cute it is. Marnie’s owner was given the charming little bunny by a friend about the time of Marnie’s adoption. Not only was the stuffed rabbit cute, it also spoke saying sweetly, “Some Bunny Loves You” when it was squeezed. This began Marnie’s love of stuffed bunnies.

Recently Marnie’s owner/mom turned on the video to record her feathered baby as he interacted with his newest stuffed bunny buddy. Marnie strolls over to Bunny and says, “It’s so cute” and he gives it a couple of sweet little kisses on its nose. And being the little gentleman bird that he is, he tells Bunny thank you for the kisses.

According to his mom/owner, Marnie is just full of natural charm and is quite the little Casanova especially when it comes to stuffed bunnies. He’s a very intelligent parrot, although most parrots are quite smart, but there is just something special about this vocal and delightful parrot.

Part of his uniqueness stems from the fact he is what his owner/mom calls a ‘mutation’ of the Indian Ring-neck parakeets. In the wild these birds are a bright green, while this little charmer is blue, he’s also a bit larger than those found in the wild. Ring-necks are classified as parakeets because of their long tails, small size and hooked beaks, they are however considered to be true parrots. Guess you could almost say Marnie belongs in the X-Man category since he’s kind of a mutant, the adorable kind of course.

With his extra helping of charm, intelligence and his conversational skills Marnie is a delight to watch. For anyone in need of a smile watching Marnie as he kisses Bunny, asks to play peekaboo and keeps telling Bunny “your cute”, it’s a pretty sure bet you’ll not only smile, but you will also fall in love with this amazing creature. Make sure to share this adorable video so everyone can be delighted by Marnie the parrot and his Bunny love.

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