Owners Refuse To Pay $20 Fee To Get Their Dog Out Of The Shelter


The following video is about the dog that no one wanted. Jake is his name and he was born blind. He’s an adorable dog, part Pomeranian but probably a mutt. Jake was found wandering aimlessly around the streets of Los Angeles. Because of having no sight, he was having a difficult time maneuvering. He was having a difficult time finding food. It was a miracle he wasn’t hit on the busy streets of the city. Something protected him though.


He was brought to the shelter when someone found him wandering. The people who had thrown him out onto the streets did visit the shelter. They came in looking for Jake, seemingly with good intentions to bring him safely home. Workers thought that would be his fate and he would be able to live out his next years in the comfort of his home with the people who had originally taken care of him.

Then the shelter told the former owners that the fee to take him was minimal. It was $20. The cost was to merely help pay for the care he received at the shelter. It didn’t cover his cost, but it helped. As any shelter worker knows, even a small amount of money can help to feed and care for more animals. Surprisingly and callously the owners refused stating that $20 was “too much” and told the shelter to “just keep him!”

After experiencing the brunt of humans, shelter workers were stymied. How could people be so cold? How could people be so cruel? The fact is that blind dogs are difficult, if not impossible to find forever homes for. In Los Angeles, there are basically no options for a pet that cannot see, other than staying in a shelter for as long as the shelter will have them. If it is a shelter with a limit on days of care, their fate is much worse.

Every year thousands of animals end up being pushed out of their homes. They possibly got lost and the owner saw no reason to look for them. Or, possibly they were like Jake and wandered off when the family decided that he wasn’t worth enough to bring him back. Regardless, they end up in overcrowded shelters that are already looking for ways to help animals that are far beyond their resources.

So what happened to Jake? Watch the video to see what happened to this 1-year old pom and you’ll understand better the true situation and what Jake really had to go through.

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