Nope this dog has no idea who ate the food coloring. Maybe you should check somewhere else


Our pets do many things they are not supposed too for the most part, and we still forgive them. We forgive hem because they don’t know what should be done, and what shouldn’t be done if they are left alone at home for the most part of the day. In this post  we are going to deal with the same situation. Looks like the owner of this title cutie is suspecting that it’s dog has messed with the food coloring, but still he has to prove it. The reason why he thinks that his dog ate the food coloring is explained in the gifs below:

Looks like someone has messed up with the food coloring.

food coloring

Definitely it is the food coloring, and it it all over the place. 

food coloring

Since this person lives with its dog, definitely he thought who to blame about all this mess. So he goes up to the dog, and decides to ask him about all this. This is how the dog responds to him:

“Are you seriously thinking that I am responsible for this whole mess? Well let me tell you that I have no idea what happened here. I was laying on the couch the whole day as you can see!”

food coloring

“As I said I feel really sorry for you, but I have no clue bout this whole thing. I didn’t do it, an I can’t point fingers at the others since I didn’t see nothing at all. Now if you’ll excuse me I will continue doing what I was doing before you came.” 


In the video below you will see the whole story. This is what happened, and I feel really sorry for the man. Even thought he tried so hard, he could not find the one responsible for the whole mess. I really think that the dog did not do anything. :P As you all can see the dog was napping in the couch the whole time. Someone else might have done it. For more details watch the video below:

Source: Thedodo

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