Mom Shares Heartbreaking Moments With Dog Before Putting Her Down


Dogs are more than just “man’s best friend” they are loyal companions with a heart of gold. They spend their lives looking after their companions and adding color to their lives. If you have had a dog who has spent their life with you, it will be tough to let go. However, the inevitable must happen since we are bound to outlive these happy creatures. When it’s time to let go, we must be prepared and help them go down as comfortably as possible. After all, they deserve all the love they can get.


This heartbreaking story comes from a lady who recorded her favorite dog’s last day on Snapchat. She shared the story on Imgur, and it moved everyone who came across it. She titled the post “Dogs are too incredible to let go, but when it happens, they will forgive you”. In the series of photos, she poured out her heart as she bade her pet goodbye.

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She captioned different pictures of their entire day, and she stated that she wasn’t sure that the dog knew what was happening. However, she was confident that the dog trusted her judgment completely. Looking at the dog, you can tell that she had a good long life which has been full of love and fun.

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The pet had aged well, and her health was deteriorating fast. Stairs became mountains, and the drugs don’t have any effect anymore in relieving her pain. To give her peace, her owner decided that she should be put down. The choice was far from easy, but this will enable the old pooch to have a rest from the struggles of life.

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The owner planned a perfect day for the dog to make her last day memorable. They went to a beauty parlor first to give the pet a bath with aromatherapy. The dog got to wear a bandana and ride in the front seat while they stop over at McDonalds for a hamburger.

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When they got home, the Labrador got to take photos with the family. She played with her old buddy and rested while her owner polished her nails.

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After the fun moments, it was time for the dog’s last ride ever. She rested in her owner’s arms while the vet gave her the last shot to ease her passing finally. We couldn’t have imagined a perfect bittersweet ending.

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