Mom Caught The Dog And Baby In The Middle Of The Most Precious Nap


It was cuteness overload when a mom managed to capture a sleepy moment between her baby and her dog. Have you ever wanted a heart-melting moment to cheer you up? Or have you ever just wanted to feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Either way this adorable video will get the job done!

A busy mom happened to be at home with her toddler and dog. Suddenly it was a little too quiet. All moms know when it gets too quiet, things can be getting out of hand. Though the mom anticipated crayons on walls or ripped up magazines, what she found was none of the sort. In fact, it was quite the opposite. She found a scene of true bliss and calm being shared by her two little household members.

There are times as a mother when your heart just grabs onto and wants to keep forever. This video shows one of those moments. It’s out of a catalog how perfectly the baby and her best friend get together for the perfect pose.

Thankfully, mom was ready with her camera. She saw the unique scene and ran to get a baby blanket. The softest of blankets was used to keep her loving charges warmer than ever. Her next act was to turn on that camera and memorialize the moment on her phone forever. This is the perfect scene to pull out in 15-years from now or 30-years from now when her daughter is starting her own family.

For the next few moments the mother recorded the scene between her baby girl and her dog. The two resting deeply next to each other. Possibly dreaming. Possibly just falling to sleep. Either way, they shared a unique and beautiful moment together. You can see from the video just how close the two are. As a young child and a dog growing up together in the same house, they likely will remain best friends until the end.

Take a look at this video and let it warm your heart with the beauty and innocence of youth and friendship. Once you see the moments captured on video, you will want to replay it again and again. You’ll also likely want to share it with your friends and family. It’s just a beautiful picture of what true friendship can be between a child and her pet. Take a look and it is sure to brighten your day!

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