Mishka And Laika Are Bickering Again, And It Could Not Be Anymore Hilarious!


Do you guys know Mishka? A couple of years ago a video of hers talking and saying “I love you” went viral. Everyone was crazy about her, and everyone knew her. She is just an adorable extra talented Husky, that can make people easily fall in love with her. Later on Mishka got a friend, Laika. Both of them became inseparable and ever since we have seen them together in almost every video. This is one of those hilarious videos of the famous duo. This time they have some really big issues you won’t believe it.

Everything starts when Mishka starts playing with a purple rubber toy. Laika pretends that the toy belongs to her, and she wants to get it. But Mishka refuses to give her the toy. From the conversation in the video you will see that the toy used to belong to Laika, but then she lost it. Once Mishka found the toy, she refuses to call it Laika’s. The rubber toy is hers now, and no one can take it away from her. Even though Laika tries to talk her into this, Mishka doesn’t want to discuss about it. She insists that the toy belongs to her now because she was the one who found it.

I have seen this video many times, and I still can’t get enough of it. Everything is on point in this video. I just gotta love the conversation between these two dogs, and I gotta say that the third dog is a really smart one. He rememberers where the other toy of Laika’s is buried, so he runs to find it, and make it his. Such an adorable trio that makes the family really happy. I can assure you that this video is really the bomb. LOL . Enjoy you guys.

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