Mishka and Laika are back again, and they are funnier than ever.


Do you guys know Mishka and Laika? If not then you should definitely watch their hilarious videos on youtube. Mishka has been famous for a while now. She became famous from the video when she says “I LOVE YOU.” Everyone got crazy after her, and ever since Mishka is on different videos for fun. The specialty of these videos is that these dogs “talk.” Even though they don’t actually talk our language, they speak dog’s language, and their owners translate the whole conversation for us!

In this next video you will see Mishka arguing with her friend Laika. Both girls love to play with a chewing toy, but looks like Mishka won once again. You will see that Mishaka has got the toy in her hands, and she is chewing on it while Laika enters the room. The second dog asks Mishka to give her her toy back, but she refuses. There is no way Mishka is going to give Laika her favorite toy ever. She wants to play with it, and she asks Laika to go ahead and look for another toy to play with.

It is really hilarious watching them arguing over a toy. This makes people believe even more that dogs are like us, in their own way. They all have toys they want to hold on too. They all “fight” with their siblings for little things like this one, and all dogs can be sneaky like the little boy who ran out of the room, looking for the buried toy! Personally I died of laughter in this video. I think these dogs are really special and hilarious, and big up for the person who translated their conversation. Really interesting approach to the way they are acting. Share this video with all Husky lovers, and dog lovers!

Source: Familypet


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