What A Miracle! Dumped And Forsaken Dog Recovers From Cold


Those who found her in Northern California could not believe their eyes. What on earth would a tiny looking dog as this be doing in a McDonald’s dumpster? Obviously, the future of the little dog was not looking so bright in any way.


This pup was thrown out like garbage with another dog. Not even a human can survive outside in the cold – during the harshest weather in north California. The survival of this little pup during this period was indeed a miracle. Even when it was finally found and rescued, her chance of survival was very slim as she was not only cold but hairless after suffering from mange – a skin condition caused by mites.

This pup is a three and a half pound Chihuahua mix. Her survival in the freezing cold is indeed a miracle. When this tiny pup was rescued, she was brought to the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cold to the Animals where she was immediately placed in foster care.

As a common norm, when dogs are infected with cold, curative measures are often put in place to make them warm and get rid of cold from off their bodies. To keep the dog warm, blankets and sweaters were used to wrap her up. Although, it was not categorically stated how long this dog must have been left in the cold, however, with the apparent situation of the dog, we can deduce that she must have been out there for quite some time.

No doubt, this little pup was so glad to have been rescued; it seems as if it had been a moment she had long been expecting. Her recovery process was fast and simple – in less than no time the beautiful side of the Chihuahua pup would soon be revealed. She is calm, easy going and gets simply along with everyone that comes her way.

Soon she recovered from her cold and would be discovered that she had a full sense of humour. The little dog became so cheerful and free that she made friends with other dogs and had a very close canine pal with whom she plays with and confides in.

As her beauty continues to glow, there is no doubt that this amazing little dog may not last in the shelter. She is loved by many and may likely find her forever home soon.

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