Marley’s Mutts founder goes to South Korea. Here is what happens.


For all of you who don’t know already, South Korea has an industry for dog meat. That is right. This country relies on dog meet for daily consumption, and as you will see in the video below, the struggle is real for these poor dogs. It is really sick to think that people use dogs for consumption, and the sickest part is to think that almost 2 Million dogs are killed each year in South Korea. Over 100,000 tons of dog meat is consumed, and the dog meat industry has a worth of approximately 2Billion US dollars.

The founder of Marley’s Mutts Zach Skow decided to travel the world to expose dog meat farms and to do everything he can to save some dogs. Marley’s Mutt founder goes to South Korea this time.  He is really against all this cruelty towards the dogs. He absolutely thinks that there is something we can do to stop this terrible “industry.” He says that if we think we can’t to anything, then we won’t do anything to stop it. We all have to believe that a change could be made, dog lives can be saved.

That is the reason why he visited many dog farms. He wanted to see with his own eyes the suffering of these dogs. It is really sad to watch so many dogs in cages, crying, barking out loud. They want to get out of the misery. They want to get out of the crel conditions. These dogs want to be free. They are in this world as our companions, not as our meal.  We all should get involved in this huge movement, we all can stop the terrible dog meat farms, we all should make people responsible of what they are consuming. The video below will speak for itself, and you will see that in the end Zach Skow gives us some hope. Please don’t hesitate to share this.

Source: Pawmygosh


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