323 Reindeer Die In A Single Moment When Lightning Strikes


It was a terrible time of horrific lightning during a storm that was reported to have occurred in the central region of Norway this past Friday that about three hundred and twenty three reindeer were discovered to have died in unison when they were all struck by massive surges of lightning at the same time. This was truly a horrific scene of discovery for those in Norway with all the bodies of reindeer lying dead in this massive group.


It seems to be a proven fact here that when there is the onset of bad weather conditions, reindeer normally stay in very visible close proximity to one another. Therefore the wildlife officials in the nation of Norway indicated that they perceive that lightning crashed throughout the herd of reindeer which are now seen dead in the photos, which is the result of the cause of death as they were destroyed all at one time unfortunately. This is reported as factual by Kjartan Knutsen who is the declared spokesperson on behalf of the Norwegian Environmental Agency.

Knutsen openly stated that he did not know if there had been several strikes of lightning or if there was one bolt that took out the herd in one moment.

Regarding the many bodies of reindeer that were found in the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, they counted about seventy reindeer calves.


John Jensenius who is a lightning safety expert from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration went on to inform that it is quite frequent that farm animals and even reindeer are tragically struck by the misfortune of deadly lightning.

For some reason, domesticated farm animals and even reindeer seem to prefer to be together in groups during times of storms and try to seek shelter under the coverage of trees whenever it is possible, according to the testimony of Jensenius.


But the tragedy is that if a tree is struck by a bolt of powerful and deadly lightning, then the whole group of animals under it or near it can experience immediate death. John Jensenius stated that it was in the year of 1918 in the state of Utah in the United States of America that six hundred and fifty four sheep had been reported to be killed in one location due to being struck by lightning in a very bad storm.

Additionally, the reindeer that have been found killed in this mass event caused by the lightning will be tested for disease to see if any disease played any part in their death at all.

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