Man Walks Into Humane Society With Camera And Wow!


One man in Kentucky decide to walk into the local Humane Society and has a hidden camera on him. Tom Mabe, with Prank It FWD was the one who made a surprise of a lifetime. He provided the Kentucky Humane Society with a donation, and surprises keep on going.

This is a heartwarming video that will help you to gain faith in humanity once again.

Tom Mabe is a huge animal lover and is really excited to make this donation. He wants to change some lives. What’s funny is he goes in first and says that he has a few things to donate. The woman has no idea what she is in for when she tells him to come on in. She assumed he would bring a bag or two.

The woman said she was in shock. Next thing you know, a huge truck outside is unloaded. Tables are brought in and there is a huge display of dog food and other items that are being donated to make a bigger difference.

You can watch as the staff looks on in amazement to see what is being brought in and how the center is being transformed with the donation.

Mabe then makes the announcement that he is with Prank It FWD and knows how hard everyone works at the Humane Society. Part of the surprise is also grooming all of the dogs. They brought in all of the supplies and a professional groomer. This was done to give all of the dogs a better chance of being adopted, which was another surprise to the people who worked at the humane center. You can see all of the footage of them getting the care they need – including some nail polish and bows. The before and after photos are amazing – and can speak volumes about a lot of the dogs.



There’s also a touching story that will pull at the heart strings. There’s a dog that needs a little extra TLC that was not being taken care of by previous owners. It’s so sad and it may bring you to tears. What’s amazing is the before and after photos – and how the dog is so much happier with all of the mats removed from her fur.

Donations are made all the time, but with the hidden camera, it captures the shock. It’s amazing!

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