The Little Pup Barks At The Dog. But Wait Till You See The Dog’s Response… LOL!


We could all use a lesson on how to respect our elders from time to time. Clips like these are easy to relate to, since we’ve all had that moment when we decided to give one of our elders a little too much back talk. If you’re anything like us, you learned a valuable lesson from these instances.

However, it remains to be seen whether the dog in this clip will heed the great advice that he is being given. Sometimes, the best advice comes in the form of a gesture, as opposed to a lecture. When the pup in this clip is acting up too much for his older counterpart’s liking, the elder’s response is too hysterical for words.

To see what happened to the mouthy pup, you’ll need to watch this video yourself, in its full entirety. What starts off as an innocent dialogue between dogs would soon become a learning experience and while some may not agree with the older dog’s teaching methods, there is no denying the inherent humor of the moment.
In many instances, we can show someone else what we want to do much easier than we can tell then. While we are sure that the older dog in this clip probably meant well, there is only so much yipping and yapping that an old dog can take before losing their cool and deciding to put a decisive end to it.

Having a mentor like this in our lives would probably keep most of us on the straight and narrow, too. Just imagine having someone who was willing to tell you when you were talking too much. It would probably save us a great deal of embarrassment. Perhaps the old, wise dog in this clip will become a life coach someday? We’d be the first ones to sign up for his teachings, that is for sure.

Be sure to watch the full clip, so that you can appreciate this moment of hilarity. A tip of the cap to the camera operator for catching these two during a bonding period that they would be hard pressed to duplicate under normal circumstances.

If you loved this video as much as we did, then don’t be stingy. Take time out to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones, as well as all of the dog lovers that you know. They are bound to appreciate the simple message that the older dog is trying to get across to his young companion.

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