Lion’s Reaction To Man Handling Her Cubs Is Priceless


A man is responsible for caring for a lioness. The love that he has with the lioness is absolutely astonishing. It is proof that lions are a part of the feline family and it is a lot like playing with a giant cat. The lioness has just given birth to a few lion cubs and they are less than a week old. The lioness allows the man to play with them and interact with them, which is absolutely shocking. Most lionesses are very protective of their cubs and don’t let anyone near. However, the lioness and the man already have a bond – and therefore the lioness allows the three cubs to go near the man – and vice versa. The video shows the three cubs and how they are able to interact with everything around them. There are some captions on the video to show how old the cubs are – ranging from less than one week old to more than six weeks old. You can see just how close the man and the lioness are, especially when they take a nap next to each other, head to head. The lioness likes to play with the man and never once gets nasty. What’s even more remarkable is the constant bond.

This video is less than three minutes long and is one of the most endearing animal videos that you will ever see. If you don’t think man and animals can get close to each other and form a bond, you haven’t seen the right video – it’s incredible to watch this relationship in the video because it will take your breath away.

Many of the comments are of those who are impressed – and who would love to trade places with the man for just one day to be able to have a similar interaction with the lioness. There is footage of the lion, the proud father of the cubs. Once the cubs reach eight weeks old, they will be reunited so that it will be one happy family. It is unclear as to whether the man has a good relationship with the lion as well, but he certainly has one with the lioness.


This is one of those videos that you will find yourself watching again and again because it is not that ordinary. Mankind typically are not allowed to get this close to lion cubs unless they have been abandoned by the mother. This lioness allows the interaction because of trust.

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