She Let Her Dog Choose a Kitty Companion From the Shelter


Christina loves animals and she always envisioned raising a cat and a dog who would grow together as siblings and become the best of friends. Her first step was purchasing a puppy that she would name Raven and her next step was taking Raven to the local animal shelter, so that she could her mother pick out a suitable sibling that she could grow old with.

They went to a shelter located in Lubbock, Texas, with the idea of finding a kitten that would fit in with their new family. Raven was brought along for the ride and she chose an adorable kitten to take home, a kitten who would be named Woodhouse.

Cats and dogs living together in perfect harmony may not seem real, but Woodhouse and Raven’s connection is not only real, it is spectacular. They cuddle up with each other on a regular basis and the Tamaskan husky and long haired tabby cat have become best buddies. Since Raven was just a few months old when she was first brought home, her and Woodhouse have been able to grow up together and their bond becomes stronger by the day.
Raven’s method for selecting Woodhouse is a tough one to top. Christina brought her dog to the Lubbock shelter and allowed a series of kittens to meet with Raven. One by one, the animals gathered around the pup as they nuzzled and sniffed each other. Many of the cats did not care for Raven’s nuzzles and showed a complete lack of interest in her.

However, when Woodhouse responded to her gestures in a warm and friendly way, an instant connection was born and the two became fast friends. Perhaps more pet owners should rely on this strategy when it comes to choosing siblings, so that more connections like this one can build.
Raven and Woodhouse are now totally inseparable and while they are no longer cuddling as much as they did in their youth, they are still the best of friends. The bond that can develop between a dog and a cat is one that needs to be nurtured and thanks to this smart mom, a lifelong kinship has been created.
This is the sort of connection that needs to be seen in order to be truly appreciated. Be sure to share this tale of companionship with your closest friends and family members, so that they can enjoy it as much as we did.

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