It’s Only 34 Seconds But I Never Wanted It To End. Just Watch What Appears Behind Those 2 Girls!


The baby goats seem to be pouring in out of nowhere, with no end in sight. It is difficult to consider the context that would allow for this many baby goats to be in the same place at the same time and for those who are afraid of baby goats, this video might resemble something of a waking nightmare.

But these babies seem utterly harmless and they just want to run and play with their two new friends, even though these friends are absolutely terrified of their presence. Such is life for the baby goat, one of nature’s most misunderstood creatures.

Be sure to keep watching this clip, so that you can count the baby goats for yourself. Our unofficial tally? A whopping 44 baby goats! Running with these goats definitely makes for some great exercise and the girls may end up appreciating the efforts of the babies over the long haul. This is the rare 30 second clip that you will wish was much longer.



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