It Was Love At First Bark For This Golden! This Golden Retriever Love Story Is Heavenly!


dogs can fall in love. They can fall in love at first bark, and that is a love that lasts a lifetime. These two Golden Retrievers have the sweetest love story you will ever see. In the video below you will witness the love of these two dogs. It all starts with a bark at the street. Since the first moment these two saw each-other they know it is meant to be.

Throughout the video you will see how they stare at each-other, and in the meanwhile they think of all the places they could visit together. From what I understood, they want to know how life would be if they were together. They could visit so many places together, and experience all different types of activities. The only problem now is that they have to get together, and tell each-other how much they love to be with one another. How much I love the moment when the girl is just standing in front of him, and he starts throwing different flowers for her.

He wants to get her attention one way or another, and that is the reason why he does all sorts of things. He walks in front of her many times, he rides the skateboard. This Golden Retriever even wears a bow-tie to show her his handsomeness. He wants to get her attention, and she is really liking it. She does the same for him. She looks so fierce with all her girly outfits. It is really adorable to see how much attracted to one-another they are.  it is even more adorable the fact that they are not afraid to show their feelings. For more you should watch the following video. I really liked the video, and I can tell that everyone can perceive it on its own way.

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