Instead Of Being Sorry, This Policeman Was Happy To Shoot An Innocent Dog In The Head


Over the past couple of years, we have been confronted with a barrage of stories about instances of police brutality towards innocent citizens. But did you know that there animals out there who have suffered from the same treatment, due to callous officers of the law who like to shoot first and ask questions later?

Cali was a beautiful family dog, the type of animal who lit up every room she was in. She was described as caring and sweet by all of her family members. Her life was going as planned, until she had the grave misfortune of encountering a police officer who made a terrible decision while in the line of duty.

She jumped over her backyard fence one day and unfortunately, the choice she made cost the friendly dog her life. Officer Woolley was on the scene and when he saw the pitbull approaching, he thought nothing of immediately firing shots at the innocent animal.


He got out of his car with his shotgun in hand and before she knew what hit her, Cali had been struck in the neck by the officer’s bullet. To make matters worse, the officer was even seen bragging about his fantastic marksmanship. What a cruel and unusual way for an innocent creature to die.

The shot broke through Cali’s collar and she died instantly, leaving a grief stricken community in her wake. She hadn’t done anything wrong and the officer had no reason to believe that his life was in any sort of danger, but that did not stop him from telling Animal Control that he had no choice but to shoot the dog.


Reports also say that the officer who shot Cali in cold blood also boasted of his superior acting skills after finishing the call. The officer, not content to stop the lying there, even filled out a report claiming that Cali was terrorizing the neighborhood. This is not surprising, considering the long, sad history of police officers covering up crimes in this country.


When Cali’s owner Sarah confronted the officer, he told her that the dog had been shot, without a trace of emotion. After that, Sarah went to the police station, where the staff continued to cover for the officer’s cockamamie story. The idea that someone would do this to a dog, a person who is supposed to protect and serve the community, rattles us to our very core. Please share this story to spread awareness about animal cruelty.


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