If You’ve Ever Lost A Furry Family Member, You Will Never Forget This Powerful Story.


Dogs live forever. There is no denying the fact. Their old bones might get tired and ache for rest but remember how they love to walk and leave paw prints everywhere? How can they die? They still have to walk a mile further each day before their tired limbs give away and they collapse. Dogs live to walk and they love it best when they are walking with you. They have built their world around your familiar scent and it has become their paradise. Didn’t you notice the adoration and love in your dog’s eyes for you? He hasn’t left you. How can he when both of you share such a wonderful world?
I’d love to share this with my husband, who lost his best friend a few months ago and still carries his picture everywhere and has substituted my daughter’s dog for his daily walks … but he’d cry like a baby! Thanks.


Those people who have no dogs sleeping in their hearts are missing out on a lot.

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