I Thought This Lion Was Going To Destroy Him. What Happens Next Is Unbelievable!


As soon as the guy in the video named, Valentin Gruener, opens the gate at the beginning of this video, I thought that the Lioness jumped to attack him. Can’t really blame myself for thinking this way, but we are used to see that these kind of animals are usually too dangerous. But you should really see the video to see what happens. You will not believe what happens when he opens that gate. The lioness that gets out of the gate is named Sirga, and she is like a pet to Valentin. The reason Sirga jumps, is to give her beloved human a big hug. As you will see in the video below, the two of them share a really strong bond, and they spend a lot of time together.

It all started when Sirga was a little lion cub. Since Valentin is a wildlife conservationist from Germany, he decided to get the little orphaned lion cub, and give her shelter. The reason he decided to do so was because he had doubts that a small creature like Sirga was going to survive in Botswana desert. Valentin and his team at the Modisa Wildlife Project brought her back to their sanctuary. There, they nursed her back to health and made sure that she grew up happy and healthy.

Now a couple of years later Sirga treats her lifesaver as her own family. She gets overexcited every-time Valentino goes to pay her visits. They take long walks together, and they really enjoy to explore the desert with each-other. I can tell that they totally love the time the spend together. Throughout the video you will be able to see how much affection Sirga craves for her lifesaver, and vice versa. She can’t stop hugging him, liking his feet or staring right through his eyes. The feeling is mutual, and it is really beautiful to see the beautiful relationship these two share.

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