I Take My Wolfdog On Epic Adventures Because I Hate To See Dogs Locked Away


Loki is a Wolf Dog, and also mixed with Siberian husky, Arctic Wolf and Malamute. Loki the Wolf Dog has over 270,000 followers on his Instagram page. That’s probably because he is not only a gorgeous dog who seems to get along with everybody, but also because his owner, Kelly Lund, takes him on all sorts of amazing adventures and they take some great photos while out and about.


Loki-the-Wolfdog1__880Loki is a 3 year old Wolf Dog, who is living in Colorado. Lund, Loki’s owner says he takes his pet, and his friend, with him everywhere he goes because he hates seeing dogs confined to small areas, or houses, and not getting the outings and exercise they so richly desire and deserve.



Kelly takes Loki to all sorts of areas in the wilderness, especially around the Mountains in Colorado. Loki sticks by his side everywhere, even without a leash; the pair is truly great friends. Loki the Wolf Dog has an Instagram that shows tons of amazing pictures of him in all sorts of cute (and sometimes magnificent) photos with all types of people and around a lot of different interesting places.


Loki the Wolf Dog, (Arctic Wolf, Malamute, Siberian husky mix), is a ‘low-content wolf’, which means is actually more genetically like a dog, but has the size and features of a wolf you would see in the wild. Loki was adopted by Kelly Lund from an outdoor center in Colorado, and Lund says when he saw his breed, he didn’t think he should be confined. Lund hopes that he and Loki the Wolf Dogs’ adventures will inspire the same action from other dog owners.

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All dogs can be genetically traced back to Wolf’s, but it’s another thing to own one that actually looks like a wolf, the size of a wolf, and where the wolf genes can still be traced. Many people end up bringing a wolf breed in to a shelter, once they’ve tried their hand at adoption because they don’t know how to handle the dog. A wolf breed can be more difficult to handle than some breeds, though they are still very loving, wonderful dogs, it is important to research what you’re getting yourself in to before buying or adopting a Wolf Dog.

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Loki the Wolf Dog gets along great with everybody; see his pictures of Lo
ki and children, etc. Loki goes everywhere on epic adventures with his owner, and he seems to love every minute of it! When Loki isn’t lying in a hammock with his sunglasses on, he’s trail blazing through the mountains, or riding in a car with his (adorable) face poking out of the window.


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