Horses Rescued During A Flood In Texas


As the torrential rains covered the Houston area, resulting in floods rescue workers, race to save dozens of horses who were stranded in the water at the Cypress Trail Horse Stables. The torrential rains caused the creeks and rivers to rise and also prevented the low-lying town’s drainage system from removing the water quickly enough to stop the flooding. There are reports that the flooding is comparable or may even be worse than the flood in 2001 in Tropical Storm Allison.


The horses were seen struggling to stay above the water, even though they were already submerged by the sixteen feet high water. The horses would have been able to help themselves more had they not been tied up in their stables. Some rescuers have to enter the flood water and free the horses from where they were tied up and lead them towards a boat or an elevated area they can step on.

Again, one rescuer is seen entering the flood water using a rope from a bridge to save a horse which was trapped under some trees. He frees the horse and swims with it to the bridge and other volunteers help him raise the horse and take it to safety. Immediately after that horse is saved, they move to get another horse and this one is strong enough to walk to on its own when they got to the bridge.

The rescuer went in severally to free and lead the remaining horses back to dry land. When he was interviewed, he stated that the horses weren’t just properties, but were members of their family and he was only doing what he would have done to help members of his family.

When they had succeeded in rescuing all the horses in that vicinity, they celebrated their success and showed this by clapping and taking pictures of the rescue. Despite the tough task of directing horses in an active flood, these rescuers managed to save all the animals they could find. The horses were also brave and remained above the water until help comes to them.

Rain continues to fall in the hardest hit regions, and it is expected that there may be a need to rescue more animals as there are no records at the moment of how many remain unaccounted for. This disaster has destroyed the home of the horses, but they have been saved by brave individuals.

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