Horses help Veterans to recover from the trauma in the most adorable way


You would be asking yourself, how can possibly horses help veterans to recover from the trauma of their life. There is a program called Saragota WarHorse that is part of a foundation in USA. “Saratoga WarHorse offers veterans a three-day experience that has proven to be effective and invaluable for those struggling to adjust to life after military service. The program is provided at no cost to the veterans.¬†Our personalized approach provides each individual with a unique experience that helps to release stress. The Connection Process varies with each horse-to-veteran interaction, but through careful guidance by skilled instructors, the process remains predictable, sequential and repeatable.”

So it is kind of a therapy, but a therapy that releases your mind and your body in the most healthy way! “Researchers are expressing a growing interest in the Saratoga WarHorse methodology and are trying to determine why the Connection Process is so effective in reducing symptoms of depression and posttraumatic stress as well as suicidal thoughts.¬†Saratoga WarHorse creates a win-win situation for veterans and off-the-track Thoroughbreds by providing an effective alternative method for healing emotional wounds and offering the horses rewarding and meaningful work after their racing careers have ended.”

The video below provides you with personal experiences of two veterans after their military service. Some of you might not know, but everyone who serves the country goes through different trauma, that change their life forever. In my point of view this type of therapy really helps to release the bad energy from the body, and the mind of a person!


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