He’s About To Reveal This Dog’s New Look. The Transformation Will Blow You Away!


Vet Ranch is one of the most amazing non-profit organizations out there. i have been following their progress, and their hard work for a couple of months now, and they never stop amazing me. Their job is to get pets that suffer from different curable diseases or injuries because they want to make these pets adoptable again. Most of the time, they make that a reality, and watching the different transformations of the pets they treat is just so rewarding. in the following video you will be able to watch a really painful yet beautiful transformation of a Pit-Bull puppy. The transformation of this little Pit-Bull Puppy will blow you away.
Love Bug was minutes away from being euthanized from a Local Animal Shelter Control because he was in really bad conditions. He was covered in blood for the most part of his face and neck, he had cut wounds all over the face, and he suffered from a Staph infection on top of everything else. The job for Dr. Math was to take care of Love Bug, and make him a healthy and happy little pup once again.

As he said in the video, Love Bug was in really bad conditions, and that is why it took him almost four-months to fix all the health issues Love Bug was suffering from. Now he is a healthy, happy puppy, and as is said in the beginning the transformation of this little Pit-Bull puppy will blow you away real. After four-months of treatments, the puppy is feeling a lot better physically and mentally as well. In just a little while he will be put up for adoption, and hopefully he will be able to find a forever home as soon as possible. Thank you VET RANCH for your immense contribution in saving this Pit-Bull, and for bringing him back to life once again.

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