13 Smooshy Cats On Glass As You’ve Never Seen Them Before. AMAZING!


1-Check out this cat flying through the air. This cat looks like supercat checking out the sky. This yellow and white tabby cat will remind you of superman. He appears to be flying around the skies making sure the world is safe for everybody including cats.


2-This cool cat seems to be amazed at something while he looks down on the world. This cat’s fluffy paws look so big when seen from below.Check out his paws which look like big fluffy rabbits looking like they have two black little faces.


3-This little white kitty has the coolest little paws as it shows you how to relax and chill. From high above everything is right with this kitty.


4-This yellow striped tabby knows a great place to take a little time for grooming. He looks like he is flying while he is doing some personal maintenance.


5-This cat seems to be floating underwater in a dream like state. This is a surreal look at what a cat would look like if they loved water.


6-Check out this cool kitty with his little rounded paws looking down on the world. His green eyes appear to be in a trance.


7-This chubby white kitty seems to be concerned that somebody is looking up at its big belly. He seems to be thinking “Am I really that fat”.


8-This cat is high above where you can see that strong chin that only a royal cat could have. This kitty is above everyone the way he looks.


9-This one is high above where he can think straight and his cute little paws are also in a safe place. He seems to be thinking how great of a manicure he just got.


10-This little one shows off his tiny tongue so all the world can see. His funky little feet look pretty cool too. High above is a great place to be cleaning yourself where no one can really bother you.


11-This cat can see you but you can’t see it at least that is what this cat is thinking. This is the perfect place to keep track of everybody and I’m in charge up here in my kingdom. My paws are in peak condition so watch out.


12-This is your king speaking I will be getting served my royal meal so please do not disturb me. This is your fat and all knowing king speaking please also carry out your usual routines for me today.


13-This cat is in a special yoga trance and is in a very meditative zen like state hovering around the universe. His zen like state has put him up for the coolest cat award. He is so cool he has turned himself into a statue.


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