A Heartless Human Did The Unthinkable To This Dog. But When You See Him Now… AMAZING!


There are far too many pets who are cut down in their prime, who experience crippling disabilities before they have had a chance to truly live life and enjoy themselves. But Brutus the dog was able to flip this all too common story on its ear and overcome his harrowing early experiences. In a world filled with stories of dogs who have struggled to deal with the abuse that they went through as puppies, it is great to see a happy ending for a change.

Brutus lost all of his paws when his original owner foolishly left him outside in the cold to freeze. The animal nearly succumbed to frostbite and as a result, each one of his paws had to be amputated. He did not allow this horrific event to deter him one bit and he is just the second dog ever to receive a whole new lease on life with the use of prosthetic legs.

Now, he can get around with the best of them and he is also surrounded by love. Seeing this beautiful pup and picturing what his life was like before he was rescued from the heartless backyard breeder who cost him his original legs is enough to bring tears to a person’s eyes. No animal ever deserves to experience what Brutus and we hope that the person who is responsible for his amputation is eventually brought to justice.

As for Brutus, he motors around on his prosthetic legs so well, you’d think he had been born with them. According to his owner Laura, Brutus had no ability to walk before he was equipped with his new legs and if not for the attachment, he would have been put down. Unfortunately, there are very few families out there with the time and energy to carry around a Rottweiler.

This story is also emblematic of the awesome power of social media. Brutus’ new legs were not paid for out of pocket, as social media users rallied around the pup’s sad story and provided him with the $12,000 that he needed in order to get his prosthetic and the required surgery to go with it.

A story like this one definitely makes our minor problems seem a lot more silly, now doesn’t it? Brutus is a shining beacon of inspiration to us all and this story needs to be shared with a wider audience. Please pass this clip along, so that awareness can be spread about animal abuse.

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