He was refused by everyone just because he was imperfect. But the story goes on like this:


It is heartbreaking to hear stories like this one. Stories when cruel mean people throw their puppies away just because they are not perfect enough, and don’t have the perfect looks. What these people don’t understand is that, when it comes to beings the good heart is what makes the difference, not a look imperfection. However back to the story. This little puppy was left at the stairs of a high-kill rescue just because he was imperfect. Apparently the one who let it there, wanted this poor puppy out if this world ASAP. To be honest with you guys, these people make me wanna barf!

The puppy was born with a blind eye, and with a half-formed right ear! pit-bull puppy

He was separated from the rest of the family, his mommy and siblings, just for being the way he is.

Pit bull puppy1

Nicole Horabik of North Carolina’s Cause for Paws saw his adoption ad online. As soon as she read the heartbreaking story of this little precious puppy, she decided she had to find him, and get him . So she did. She was able to contact the shelter, and take the little dog!

Nicole named the eight week old puppy Captain Morgan.


To raise awareness about this hear-breaking case of the dog, she decided to go viral. She posted a picture on Facebook where she wrote:

“I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect! Share if you think I am perfect!”


She wants to make people understand that even though some pets are not as “perfect” as others, they can still be amazing pets, amazing companions, amazing priceless friends. But if you don’t give them a chance, then you will never know!


As for now Captain Morgan is really enjoying his time with his other disabled siblings. They seem to get along pretty well, and that is the best news their mommy could ever get!



We only have to keep our fingers crossed now for Captain Morgan to find a loving home. A family that will love him with all the perfect imperfections he has! 

baby pitbull

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