He Tried to Act Casual. But When Mom Pointed At His Mouth? OMG!


Whoever has a dog in the house knows best that foods should never be left unattended. We are all aware that dogs are willing to eat anything, anytime of the day. Even if they had their meal like 20 seconds ago. They still will want to eat whatever it is that you are eating. They just want to eat everything they see. Is that too hard to understand? Well for those who have an experience with dogs, will totally understand what happens in the video below. On the other hand for those who are new in the “puppy-dog thing” can learn a little bit from this following video.
The thing is the woman who recorded this video prepared a sandwich for herself. Somehow she left the kitchen to do something, and when she returns the sandwich was nowhere to be found. Immediately she thinks about her dog. She realizes that he was in the kitchen during the whole time, and now he is just chilling on the couch. That is exactly when she decides to record the video. Since she knew where the sandwich went, she decides to be polite and ask the dog gently.

Of course the dog refused to take any responsibility for the lost sandwich. He just stands there in front of her doing nothing. She asks a couple of times and even though this dog decided to lie to his mommy, he couldn’t resist for long. Soon he reveals the truth. And by revealing the truth i mean spitting out the remaining parts of the sandwich. You should see the video just to see the epic face this dog makes when his mommy asks him about the sandwich. Have you ever been to a similar situation before? If yes then dont hesitate to share the experience with everyone.

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