Great Dane Is Curious About A Tiny Box. When He Finds Out Whats Inside? I Can’t Stop Smiling!


This is such a great animal video and you will laugh so hard when you see these two in action. Watch as the two are introduced for the first time with the little goose in a box chirping away. See how the video as it goes on shows Hugo trying to get closer to the little duck. When you watch this video and see how Hugo gets closer but keeps getting pecked you will be laughing out loud.

Watch this video as the two don’t hit it off at first but see how they end up. This giant dog named Hugo is just a big baby when it comes to this little duck keeping him in line. See how every time this Great Dane gets close to this little goose she answers with a peck in the face. This giant dog is so funny to watch as he keeps trying to make friends with this 4 day old duck.

It is amazing how this little goose is not one bit afraid of this dog that must look like a giant to her. Hugo just keeps trying to give Darcy a lick but the duck keeps him away. See who is in control in this video as these two try to get to know each other. You will get such a kick out of watching these two completely different sized animals trying to relate to each other.


You have to see this video as this Great Dane and newborn duck try to get to know each other. Watch how Hugo the giant jumps back as the little duck pecks at him. You will get such a kick when you see these two together. This 14-month old Great Dane is such a big baby as he deals with this tiny little duck. Watch this gentle giant as he discovers what is in this box that his owner has brought home. Enjoy this cute video and pass it on.

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