Goose Finds Cop And Leads Him To Her Trapped Baby – Just A Marvelous Outcome!


This is an amazing true story of animal intuition and knowledge that makes you think and believe that animals are much more knowing than people give them credit for. The video and photos are so remarkably stunning and strange that you will have to share them.


James Givens, a 26 year veteran of the police force, was in his car while on patrol near a local reservoir in Cincinnati. A goose that the policeman did not see came up to the door of the car and started quacking and pecking on the door.

The officer thought the goose wanted food and fed her but the goose persisted in pecking on the door. Givens was to say the least intrigued and followed the goose when she slowly ambled away from the car. He found that the goose had been trying to tell him that one of her goslings had become tangled up in the string from a balloon and could not move.


Geese are large animals and are very strong. Geese can hurt people seriously and mother geese are very protective of their young. Givens thought it best to call the SPCA for expert assistance but no help was immediately available. A fellow officer named Cecilia Charron heard the call to the SPCA and came to help.

Charron and Givens were able to free the gosling from the string. The gosling is really tied up and it takes them about three minutes to free the baby goose. The mother goose and her gosling swam off in the lake after a few honks of appreciation to the police for their help.


This is so strange that if there was not any video evidence you would be tempted to claim the police made the tale up. This is true. Share this video just for the unbelievable value. The phrase stranger than fiction just does not come close to explaining this unique animal behavior.

Givens explains that the mother goose just watched while Charron untangled her baby. It was like the goose knew the people were there to help. Givens wonders if wild animals know to seek help from people when they cannot deal with a problem on their own.

You have to share this video. This is one of the most shocking and odd animal rescues that you will ever see. The video will make you think. How did the goose know to contact the police for help? It makes you wonder just how much geese know about people.

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