This Stupid Guy Gets What He Deserves After Throwing A Brick At A Dog. Watch What Happens


Watch this video to see how strong these German Shepherds really are as they drag the man. The two dogs work in a team as one bites the legs and the other bites the man’s head both trying to drag him. You can’t believe the strength of these two animals as the owner of the dogs tries to pull them off the man. Watch to see how the owner tries to stop the dogs from attacking this man. I don’t know what made this man throw bricks at the dogs but they sure got their just revenge.

When you see this video you won’t believe what happens to this brick throwing jerk. This is no way to treat an animal like this and you will cheer for the dogs to revenge this terrible treatment by this crazy man. I would have liked to see what happened right before this video was taken. This is a mystery video and you will enjoy trying to figure out what really happened. Watch this video with your friends and family and then enjoy with them the many different possibilities that could have started the whole thing.


Watching this man throwing these bricks gives you good reason to believe that he deserved what happened to him. These poor dogs look to have been treated bad in this video and the man got what he deserved. But watch this video and enjoy speculating what happened to make this man so mad at these dogs.

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