German shepherd is hungry and wants food, hilariously tells owner by handing him his bowl


There are few things funnier and more adorable than an animal who knows exactly what they want and how they will go about getting it. As the old saying goes, closed mouths are never able to get fed and this is a saying that our friend Apollo here has definitely taken to heart. While he has just eaten, he is still very hungry and he has no problem with letting his owner exactly how he feels about the situation.

Apollo cannot converse with his owner in his chosen language, but that does not stop him from communicating his message in a very simple way. Dogs are often portrayed as being silly creatures with low intelligence that cannot get their point across in an articulate way, but Apollo’s response to not being given more food in a timely fashion turns that stereotype on its ear.

He starts by perching himself in front of his food dish and staring at his owner longingly. In most instances, this simple ploy would work like a charm, but his owner has apparently developed an immunity to this age old trick. We are not sure how Apollo’s owner manages to avoid caving in to this cute pup, but we admire his ability to stick to his guns, at least during the early going.

Perhaps it is because the owner has learned to tune him out or maybe he simply didn’t understand the directive that he has being given. But when the owner finally asks the dog how we can be of service to him, Apollo’s response is priceless. Not only does the animal slap at his bowl in a desperate plea for more food, he even gets up from his seat to walk to the pantry and show his owner exactly what he is after.

Once his owner opens the pantry door, Apollo stares directly at his bag of dog food, in an effort to trick his owner into providing him with a second helping. To find out whether Apollo’s owner fell for his silly little trick or not, be sure to watch this hilarious video until its logical conclusion.

Does this smart pup get a second bowl of food or is he left wanting more? Was he able to successfully pull the wool over his owner’s eyes? Check out this hilarious clip for yourself to find out more and pass the video along to all of your dog loving friends and family members so that they can appreciate it as well.

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