The First Thing This Dog Does When Woken Up In The Morning? LOL!


Every so often, we need to get reminded of the fact that dogs are just like us. Most of us can certainly relate to the problem that Buddha the bulldog is going through, as it is time to wake up, but he is not ready yet! After all, who among us can’t relate to that moment that takes place each morning when the sheets are at their heaviest and waking up seems like a physical impossibility?

The beginning of this clip is simply too cute, as the noises Buddha makes in his sleep are beyond adorable. If it were up to us, we’d let this adorable pup sleep all day long if he chose to. The noises that he is making don’t even sound like they would come from a bulldog. While he might look scary to someone who doesn’t know better, experienced viewers know that he’s just a big baby who’s being petulant about waking up on time.

Dad correctly observes that Buddha’s not a morning dog, but that does little to silence his noise making. He is perturbed that anyone would ever think to disrupt his sleeping cycle and he is going to let Dad (and the world) know just how ticked off he is. Dad’s even trying to figure out what Buddha’s saying and the interaction between the two is utterly priceless.

Buddha continues to be grumpy, but Dad doesn’t seem all that worried about it. First, he asks the pup if he wants any coffee. When Buddha replies with yet another angry yelp, he asks if the dog’s bacon was overcooked. When Buddha’s slow to respond, Dad then inquires about the animal’s eggs and if they were too runny for his liking.

Give Dad a lot of credit here. Not only is he allowing the pup to spend time in a person’s bed (a huge no no in lots of houses), he is also taking the time to hear out his concerns. Finally, Buddha has had enough of the questions and decides to get up to face the day. To find out what happened next, be sure to stay tuned in until the video’s exciting conclusion.

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