Fierce Mama Lion Won’t Let Anyone Mess With Her Baby


It is no secret that the lioness is one of the most protective animals in the wild. If you are foolish enough to mess with one of her cubs, she will not tolerate that for a second. These mothers make it their personal responsibility to protect their cubs from game hunters (like the dentist who recently shot Cecil The Lion) or vicious lions from other tribes.

Recently, a bus full of tourists came across just such an instance. They noticed that a mother lion had crossed paths with a male lion. These encounters can be alarming to witness in person, but these tourists did not allow that to deter them in any way, shape, or form.

What took place next showed just how much lion mothers truly care about the welfare of their cubs. She did not allow this intimidating looking male lion to bother her and she confronted the situation head on. He was hanging out further down the road when the tourists spotted him, with his eyes trained on something else.

He had spotted the mother lion, as well as her cubs and was clearly plotting some sort of attack on them. She knew that her cubs could potentially be in a great deal of danger if she did not act quickly. Wasting no time, she charged at the male lion and viciously attacked him, making sure that he knew she meant business.

This lioness is letting him (and the world) know what happens to those who decide to mess with her children. Mothers and fathers all around the globe can certainly relate to the intensely protective feeling a parent gets when they feel as if their child has been placed into harm’s way, even if it is for the most fleeting of moments.

The male was forced to recognize her dominance and after she charged and attacked, he decided to beat a hasty retreat, leaving her babies alone. Quite possibly for good, if he knows what is best for him. This mother’s protective instincts are likely responsible for ensuring the continued health and happiness of her cubs.

A video like this reinforces the long held belief that a lioness is simply not to be trifled with. Lions are not merciless killing machines that are built just to eat human beings with a smile on their face, they are some of the most compassionate, loving creatures known to man and their protectiveness is a way to display that affection.

If you would like to check out the full confrontation between this lioness and the male lion who dared to try her patience, be sure to take a moment to check out the entire video below, as you will certainly be amazed!


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