Family Couldn’t Stand The Sight Of Their Puppy After A House Fire And Abandoned Him


Pets in general, can be incredibly vulnerable during a disaster, whether it’s a flood or a fire. But regardless of what happens in life, the best chance of survival animals can get comes from humans. Having an animal as a pet is one thing, but helping animals in need is an entirely different thing.


Accidents like fire outbreak can be highly devastating and can affect anyone including animals living in the area. Although most animals have the ability to sense the onset of these kinds of undesired events, they do not always manage to come out of them unhurt.


Most times, domesticated animals like pups are left behind during a disaster. In most cases, no one even thinks of them while scampering around to save their lives and properties. During disasters like fire outbreaks, dogs always rely heavily on their guardians. To this end, they become incredibly vulnerable during disasters.


During these events, it is not uncommon for pets to be abandoned and put at risk of being lost, trapped, injured or even dead. While this usually ends in their demise, in most cases, it leaves them to fend for themselves. Usually, pets that are in danger of being euthanized are brought to the animal shelter so as to make room for other animals in the aftermath of a disaster.


In such cases, the only source of help for these animals come from volunteers who try to drive the animals to no-kill shelters or reunite them with their pet guardians, so as to provide them with a better chance of survival.


The unbelievable story of Jake the little pup that was rescued by firefighters after being caught in a fire is a typical example of what we have been talking about. Little Jake was burnt and scarred so severely that his family could not keep him any longer and so they decided to take him to the vet where he was abandoned forever.


At the time, the puppy was only a few weeks old. After getting involved in a house fire and was badly burned, the little puppy became so scared and confused. But after spending a couple of weeks at the rehab, he made full recovery, nevertheless, the scars were still there.


But a kind volunteer had compassion on him and took him under his wing. His new dad was a firefighter and now Jake’s regular hangout is at the fire station.


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