Duck Waddles Onto The Porch Out Of Nowhere To Cheer Up A Sad Dog


Some time ago, a pooch named George lost his closest companion whom he had known for 12 years. His companion was a Labrador retriever named Blackie. Ever since the death of his friend, George lost his reason for joy and had never been the same. George’s owner, Jacquie Litton, said that he was overcome with grief. George always sat on his own, sad and lonely until one fateful day everything changed.


A duck wobbled to the rescue. The duck reportedly came out of nowhere and apparently showed up to comfort the devastated dog. As soon as the duck showed up, George loved him. This Friendly duck was just what George needed after losing Blackie, his best friend.

No one has any idea where this friendly duck came from, but one thing that is sure is that George has not shed a single tear ever since. His life has changed for the better. George’s owner wrote this on Facebook; “It’s quite strange for a duck to pop out of nowhere and build up a solid relationship with our dog and what’s more? It happened on the anniversary week of Blackie’s death.”


Ever since that day, the two became inseparable, as a result, Jacquie invited the friendly duck to the family. George even gave his bed to his new found friend. “Since the duck showed up, he has been happy. No one knows how this all happened neither do we know what inspired this loving duck to show up that day, but we believe it was destined to happen”. Jacquie said.


The incredibly rare relationship between the dog, George and the duck has been making waves all over the world. It reminds us all of Occy the dog and his duck best friend, Biggie.

Occy and Biggie are an inseparable pair who live in Atlantic Beach. They sleep together, eat together, and play in the grass together. They even swim in the pool together.


Occy and Biggie became social media celebrities some years ago when Occy’s owner Frances Marsh told the world about their friendship.

Marsh said;” Most times, when people see them playing with one another, they stop and take adorable photos or record a video. According to Marsh Biggie has bonded so well with Occy that he may not even realize he is a duck.


Although rare, it’s not the first time a dog and a duck have cultivated an inseparable relationship with each other, the relationship between George and his duck is even more amazing because of the particular time the duck walked into his life.

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