Dog Waits For Mail Every Day, So Mailman Improvises On Days There Is None


Martin Studer is an active mailman who works for the Australia Post. Whenever Studer shows up, Pippa runs very fast to greet him every single day. After greeting him, she takes the mail back into the house to her family thus, fulfilling her role as the family “mail-grabber”. This duty is second to her number one priority as the protector of the house.


With the already established enmity most dogs feel towards mailmen, Studer is indeed fortunate to have a beautiful 4-legged friend who warmly welcomes him on each visit. The pair share a relationship so special that any time Studer has no mail for Pippa’s homeowners, he writes a letter for Pippa just because he dosen’t want her to get disappointed.

Studer shared a post on Facebook with pictures of Pippa with her special letter in her mouth. He captioned the photos; “I have to improvise” Pippa always has something to take into her home. The great lengths Studer has gone to show Pippa love is indeed inspiring.


Everyone knows dogs don’t like mailmen. As the mailman arrives in the morning most dogs bark viciously, lunging and snarling at the gate. Every mailman prepares himself before attending to a homeowner with a dog. Rumor has it that mailmen have even begun attending seminars to learn and discuss “the dog issue.” Most seminars center on teaching mailmen how to keep the dogs away as they carry their deliveries from one home to another. Some products have even been used to scare dogs off although the use of these methods causes excessive aggression in dogs.

Most people wonder what really triggers this aggression against mailmen in a normally friendly dog. The fact is that this anger is not strictly reserved for the mailman, it can also be towards the FedEx and UPS delivery guy as well. In some cases, the plumber, pizza guy, and so many other routine employees are affected. All these people have certain similarities which induce aggression in dogs.


The first stimulus is the trespassing. Dogs see mail carriers as trespassers. So they try to protect their territory. Another issue is that the mail man’s persistence. The dog keeps barking at you, but you keep coming back day after day! It’s actually frustrating. This is why the relationship between Martin Studer and Pippa the dog is extraordinary.

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